The University of Akron's 24 Hour Hackathon

September 23-24

  • We've Got an Arcade

  • Win Prizes

  • Get Swag

  • Free Food

  • Create. Design. Innovate.

Featuring an arcade, complete with games, points and prizes!


The Bit Factory

The Bit Factory is the City of Akron's software startup incubator established in the Akron Global Business Accelorator. Its the perfect place for creativity to forge award-winning hacks!



Hack toward anything relating to health. This includes wellness, medical hardware or software, fitness, etc.


Knowledge is the key to success. Hack new ways to improve learning abilities, cognitive skills, or schooling in general.


Gamify anything and everything. Create, design, and innovate something awesome and fun.


Shop 'til you drop. See if you can create the next best way to conquer the retail industry.



A hackathon is similar to a science fair, but in real time! Motivated students come together and create a novel project in the field of computer science and engineering. It is high-energy, collaborative, and challenging! It allows students use the skills they learned in the classroom and implement it into a project, gaining real world experience.

Any currently enrolled student, or who has graduated within 12 months can participate. Here's how: First, you sign up! You can sign up by pressing the sign up botton on the top of the website. Second, you show up on September 23rd, ready to create something awesome! It is advised that you bring any hardware that you would like to use in your hack. As well as a computer and all the necessary cables. You can check out any hardware you don't have (including a laptop) from the MLH hardware lab. To check what will be available in the hardware lab go here:

Student ID, clothes, toiletries, hacker setup, an idea, and anything else you need to function independently for 24 hours. Oh, and a smile!

Nothing! Zip! Nada! Attending is absolutely FREE! Free swag, free food, what more could you want?!

Nope! If you do not have a team we will help you find one. (Max of 4 people per team)

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Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season